Promote a natural fall asleep and a rested awakening without addiction

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MORFI’ gummies contains 1mg of MELATONIN.

MORFI’ gummy contains 1mg of MELATONIN, a hormone that is naturally produced by our body and which helps regulate the sleep cycle by acting on the circadian rhythm, reducing the time needed to fall asleep without inducing numbness and drowsiness the next day.

For this reason MORFI ‘will help you fall asleep naturally and quickly thanks to the natural properties of the LAVENDER essential oil.

MORFI ‘does not contain Soda, Sodium and Sugar, it is a completely natural supplement suitable for people with diabetes.

MORFI ‘has been formulated in gummy tablets that can be dissolved in the mouth or chewed to release their tasty raspberry aroma.

We recommend taking 1 MORFI ‘gummy a day one hour before bedtime.


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Lavanda essential oil




*NVR% Daily amount values adult-Reg UE 1169/2011