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Who we are

Pharmacists since 1819

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dott. Alberico GUERRIERO

Founder & CEO

dott. Alberico GUERRIERO

Funder & CEO

A Family Of Pharmacists Specializing In Wellness.
For over 200 years

Guerriero Srl company counts, among its founders, a pharmacists family who can claim, in the excise of the profession, a unique family tradition since 1819.

Italy. Apulia. Margherita di Savoia.

This long experience has consolidated a strong professionalism taht resulted in the opening towards new markets: the opportunity came with the opening of Eastern Europe; since the early 90s the contacts are expanded to create a network of relationships with professionals and local suthorities that now mske the Guerriero Srl as a leader in the export and in the widfespread distribution of medicinal speciality, homeopathic, paramedicines, diagnostics and electrical equipment.

The company, regulary constituted according to European normative and rules, is based in Puglia, the ideal bridge for the Balkans, and in this viewpoint is always ready qualitative products, that have characterized the activity over time.


dott. Alessio GUERRIERO

founder and Quality manager

dott. Alessio GUERRIERO

Founder and Quality Manager

High Quality Standards

Our strength, consolidated over the years, is due to our professionalism, to the quality of products we offer and to the professionalism and expertise in assisting our partners in all the bureaucratic documents necessary to enter the market.

The company market has elvolved distributing in Albania, by proving a branching structure that is able to serve and assist Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, international organizations, distributors, wholesalers, ship chandlers, warehouses and other authorized facilities;


200 years of excellence

We are Your Reliable Partner

From Albania the structure has been expanded to Kosovo following the same operating module, focusing primarily on drug information before distributing it.

Thanks to these operational centres and to the professional work, the drugs that we distribute from italy are now sold in Albania, in Kosovo and also in Serbia, and Nord Macedonia.

200 years of excellence

Our Team

dott.ssa Letizia

Technical director. Head of the Guerriero Healthcare and Absolute Damascena Rose Oil line

dott. Antonio

Regulatory manager

rag. Massimo

Logistics manager

rag. Francesca

Administration manager


Guerriero Healhcare is the Guerriero’s brand wellness line


Absolute Damascena beauty line based on Damascena Rose Oil


Your trusted partner

What We Occupy


We provide export procedures avoiding our suppliers with complicated customs practices and the continuous changes in the rules and regulations of the various countries of final destination.


Our customers are:
• Dealers
• Wholesalers
• Private clinics
• Hospitals
• Pharmacies
that guarantee the widespread distribution and presence of all the Products of our partner companies in the territories of our competence.


Our exclusive Dealers in the various countries guarantee, under our supervision, specialized medical propaganda for therapeutic branches that daily visits all the figures belonging to the Medical / Pharmaceutical chain.

At the same time, we carry out marketing activities through advertising campaigns carried out in advertising posters posted in hospitals, clinics, medical and pharmacy offices, and also for drugs without medical prescription, the marketing activity develops in terms of radio, television and press passes.


We manage the technical / bureaucratic aspects for the registration and / or renewal of the registrations of the Pharmacies of our partner companies at the Ministries of the individual States where the marketing of a Product takes place. We also offer the Market aAnalysis service through which we direct the choices of the best Products to present on the market, which can guarantee Customers the best image and the Consumer the best cost / benefit ratio.


Logistic / technical assistance to take part in tenders for the supply of drugs, equipment and medical devices as well as diagnostic medical instruments at the most important health facilities in the various countries.


We periodically organize in the Countries where we operate Conferences and Workshops that have as primary objective the presentation of new Drugs that increasingly enrich our Product List. In this way, Doctors and Specialists have the opportunity to receive the start-up necessary for the knowledge of the new active ingredients and high quality medical devices followed by constant information through Medical Propaganda.

Where we operate

The Company’s operations began by distributing in Albania, where experience was gained on the structuring of a commercial apparatus able to satisfy the widespread distribution of the Drug and Parapharmaceutical Products in general throughout the medical / pharmaceutical supply chain.

The same experience was made in Kosovo and subsequently in other Balkan countries.


Guerriero Healhcare is the Guerriero’s brand wellness line


Absolute Damascena beauty line based on Damascena Rose Oil


Spreading knowledge and culture

October, 4 2019

Konferencë gastroenterologjike​

Klinika e Gastroenterologjisë me Hepatologji në bashkëpunim me
October, 4 2019
March, 14-16 2014

Updates in Obstetrics Gynecology & Ultrasound​

7° Congress of the Albanian Association of Perinatal Medicine 5° Advanced Ian Donald Course of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology
March, 14-16 2014
November, 23 2013

Konferenca e XIII-Te Kombetare e Shoqates Oftalmologjike Shqiptare​​​

Konferenca e XIII-te kombetare e shoqates oftalmologjike shqiptare​
November, 23 2013
September, 25 2013

Konferenca e 5-Te Mediko Kirujikale​​​​

Konferenca e 5-te Mediko Kirujikale
Spitali Rajonal Durres​
September, 25 2013
May, 15-18 2013

The 5° Eurasia Congress of infectious diseases​​

“Clinical Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Epidemiology”​
May, 15-18 2013

Guerriero Healhcare is the Guerriero’s brand wellness line


Absolute Damascena beauty line based on Damascena Rose Oil