Energizing for physical and mental strength

IUVENIS drops 10ml

IUVENIS DROPS can be purchased from the site of the Guerriero Pharmacy, www.bigfarmacia.it



IUVENIS drops is a food supplement based on Turnera Diffusa (Damiana), Kola nut (Cola Nitida) known for its adaptogenic properties that provide energy and rilieve physical and mental stress, as well as Vitex Agnus CAstud that completes the formula. IUVENIS drops contributes to a better sexual desire thanks to Damiana extract, Kola that helps to boost the energy levels and increases the body’s physiological resistance in cases of conditions associated with fatigue.


How to use: Take 3-5 drops twice a day using them directly on the tongue or with a small amount of water for 7-10 consecutive days. Repeat the treatment after 10 days.


Ingredients Daily dose  10ml 
Turnera Diffusa E.F. 30° 0,15ml 3ml
Cola Nitida E.F.30° 0,15ml 3ml
Vitex Agnus Castus E.F. 0,015ml 3ml
Acqua a.d. 0,05ml 1ml