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Food supplement based on Bacopa Monnieri and Glycerilfosfocolina 

3S free without sugar, sodium carbonate and sodium



30 compresse


GENIUS is food supplement with BACOPA MONNIERI.

BACOPA MONNIERI is an Indian aquatic plant, traditionally used in the Ayurvedic medical system to improve memory and cognitive processes and to promote longevity.

The active components present in Bacopa extracts are triterpenes and bacosides which have shown a potential neuroprotective activity, a significant ability to improve aspects related to learning and memory and a significant antioxidant activity.

The active action on human cognitive function has also been linked to the presence of bacosides.

Bacopa is mainly taken for its beneficial properties on the brain and is classified as a valid natural neuroprotective.

Several studies have shown that a dosage of 300mg / day of Bacopa monnieri extract is able to improve mental performance and the speed of visual information process, learning speed and memory consolidation, with maximum effects at 12 weeks of treatment.

Furthermore, it has been observed that Bacopa monnieri, more than increasing the learning capacity, is able, after three months of use, to significantly reduce the forgetting rate of the acquired information.

However, all the studies developed so far seem to support a significant effect of Bacopa monnieri on learning and memory only after a regular  administration for a period of at least 3 weeks.

GLYCERYL PHOSPHOCOLINE is a natural source of choline, an essential nutrient found in all cells of the human body and precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Numerous clinical studies have shown beneficial effects in concentration and memory in patients in whom Glycerylphosphocholine has been administered, being a very well tolerated and safe natural molecule.

GENIUS CAPSULE contains both BACOPA MONNIERI and GLYCERILFOSFOCOLINA together in a single vegetable capsule, therefore with a certain enhanced effect to increase learning, memory and concentration.

How to use: take two capsules a day. One after the morning and one after lunch.

Ingredients Daily dose (2 cps)
Bacopa Monnieri D.E.tit 20% bacosids

–          Di cui bacosidi

–          In bacosids




Glycerofosfocolin (choline alfoscerate)

–          Di cui colina

–          In colin