Food Supplement with Milk Thistle fruit (Silybum marianum) Mouth water soluble

10 Stick Sachets


Digerplus is a food supplement with Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) fruit, titolate 25% in Silymarin as silibin.

Digerplus id formulated in easy-to-use and light begs of effervescent product to take with you in every situation.

Digerplus helps you get back the wellness you need, DIGERPLUS contain also citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, two promoters of digestion par excellence, its action, increases the hepatic functon, protects liver against damages and speeds up the re generation of damaged hepatic cells.

The purified extract of milk thistle contains mainly silymarin used to treatment toxic damages to liver and hepatic cirrhosis.


the recommended dose is 1 or 3 stick after meals. The product can be dissolved directly in your mouth.


INGREDIENTS1 Stickpack3 stickpack
(average nutritional dailt value)
Milk thistle d.e40mg120mg
Silymarin as silibin10mg30mg