Food supplement with Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) helps to increase contribution of Vitamin D3 in pediatric age.

Oral drops 15ml


Children’s growth depends on genetic features but also by external factors such as nutrition. In the first 12 months of life, weight averagely increases by three times and height by 50%.

Growth rate in children in the first years of age is incredible. Right nutrition is fundamental but often not sufficient since maternal milk, babies main source of nourishment, is poor in Vitamin D3 and children are not sufficiently exposed to sunlight in the first months of age.

For these reasons supplementation with VITAG Vitamin D3 is necessary.


contains cholecalciferol (vit. D3), the most important antirachitic agent. Vitamin D3 deficiencies cause a disease (rickets) affecting mainly dark-skinned children with insufficient exposure to sunlight and it is the cause of bone deformations, which may be quite serious.

Through its hydroxy metabolites, vitamin D3 develops a very important hormonal action on several organs:

How to use:

rom 0 to 3 years of age the recommended of dose of VitaG D3 is 6 drops a day corresponding to 7mcg of vitamin D3; over 3 years of age, the recommended dose is 8 drops a day corresponding to 10mcg of vitamin D3.

Before taking this product ask for your doctor’s advice.


INGREDIENTE15ml20gcPer dose giornaliera 8 gocce- 0,4ml%VNR*
Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol375mcg25mcg10mcg200%
*NVR% Nutritional Reference Values (Reg. EU 1169/2011)