Food supplement based on Liposomal Iron to balance contribution of Iron

15 ml Bottle


IRON is an essential element for several meta-bolic processes and plays an important role in the following actions:

It helps reduce tiredness and weariness. So it is evident that adequate supplementation of IRON is essential to be healthy.


Liposomal Iron contains ferric pyrophosphate carried within a phospholipid membrane (liposome).

Compared to other oral preparations, it proved to be well absorbed in the gastroin-testinal tract. In addition, it is highly bioavailable and has lowerside effects.

Thanks to our sophisticated liposomal microencapsulation technology, iron never comes into contact with mucous membranes and is directly absorbed in the intestine without causing the typical side effects related to the supplementation of iron in a ionic form.


Liposomes are small phospholipid vesicles of 50-500nm in diameter formed by one or more phospholipid bilayers.

Liposomes are interesting owing to their membrane, which is usually formed by a phospholipid bilayer whose structure, com-position and proportions are almost identi-cal tothose of cell membranes.

Phospholipids have a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head which regroup in the fol-lowing way when they come into contact with water: hydrophobic tails are drawn one towards the others while hydrophilic heads line up in contact with the external environ-ment and the internal aqueous environ-ment.

Consequently, they form lipid bilayers, which close together and form small vesicles. The absorption of ionic iron take place mainly in the duodenum.

Our sophisticated technology, which encap-sulates iron in natural phospholipids, makes it highly bioavailable, well tolerated and fast absorbed.


2 drops (15mg of iron) in a teaspoon or dissolved in water, yoghurt or fruitjuice.

The presence of a liposomal cas-ing protects iron from the contact with the gastric mucosa and prevents the pro-oxidant effect of free iron.

The liposomal casing makes the microelement pass through the gastric environment to be absorbed directly in the whole small intes-tine and not only in the duodenum.

Then, liposomes are absorbed by macrophages through endocytosis and reach liver cells intact through the lymph flow. Inside liver cells, liposomes are opened by liposomal enzymes, which make iron availabletothe body.


INGREDIENTValue for maximum daily dose (2 gc)NVR%

*NVR% Nutritional Reference Values (Reg. EU 1169/2011)