Support of liver functionality

EPATOPRO can be purchased from the site of the Guerriero Pharmacy, www.bigfarmacia.it


Food supplement with Milk thistle, Pilosella, Choline, Solidago virgaurea, Ruscus and Nucleotides

3S free without sugar, sodium carbonate and sodium.

30 tablets


EPATOPRO is a food supplement with  an antioxidant and detoxifying action.

The synergy of its ingredients allows  EPATOPRO to perform a valuable support of the liver; the digestive and purifying function is due to the action of silymarin contained in “milk thistle” and choline. EPATOPRO contributes to the drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the urinary tract thanks to Pilosella and Golden Rod.

EPATOPRO also contains Nucleotides have shown effectiveness in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal mucosa.

Nucleotide integration increases the weight of the intestinal mucosa, the height of intestinal villi,  and the activity of enzymes located at  the border level of the intestinal villi. This mechanism leads to an increase in the absorption of the active ingredients of EPATOPRO thus increasing its effectiveness.

EPATOPRO is very effective in purifying and regenerating the liver. Hepatoprotective action is provided thanks to the presence of silymarin which accelerates the process of liver regeneration by increasing the metabolic activity of liver cells.

Can also be used in ethyl alcohol intoxication.

 How to use: It is recommended to take one tablet a day, preferably in the morning after breakfast.




(1 TBL)

Dry extract of Milk thistle titrated 80% in silymarin 250mg
Dry extract of Pilosella titrated  1% in bioflavonoids







Dry extract of Solidago virgaurea L., goldenrod 100mg
Dry extract of Butcher’s broom titrated at 10% in ruscogenin



Nucleotides 100mg


NRV* Nutrient Reference Value reg 1169/2011