EGIDA Immuno

Food supplement with strong immunostimolant action

3S free without sugar, sodium carbonate and sodium

30 coated tablets



EGIDA immuno is food supplement with Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is a multifunctional glycoprotein with both bactericidal and fungicidal antimicrobial activity, it is produced by the mammary gland and it is found in breast milk. Lactoferrin in newborns performs a protective function of the gastrointestinal system.

It is the first immunomodulating agent, that is able to stimulate the innate immune response and for children it represents the main defense against viral and bacterial infections.

The Covid 19 virus appears to need iron to replicate in human cells and that lactoferrin removes it from the surrounding environment, acting as an antagonist.

The antiviral effect of lactoferrin is linked to its ability to bind to the glycosaminoglycans of the plasmatic membrane, preventing the virus from entering the cell.

The antimicrobial activity of lactoferrin is due to its ability to bind iron and remove it from the bacteria that use it for their multiplication and adhesion to the intestinal mucosa, Lactoferrin also has a direct bactericidal action on some species of bacteria.

EGIDA Immuno  also contains Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C which work in synergy with lactoferrin, amplifying its immunostimulating action.

How to use: it is recommended to take one tablet a day, in the morning, before breakfast.




Value Average  daily dose (1 tablet)  NVR%
Lattoferrin 200mg
Selenium 0.10mg 100%
Zinc gluconate 15mg 100%
Vitamin C 

Ascorbic acid






NVR% Daily amount values adult-Reg UE 1169/2011